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The Presbyterian Church of Nigeria Apapa Parish started in January 1966 as an outreach of the Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba.

Because of the distance between Apapa and Yaba, as well as the growing number of Presbyterian residents in Ajegunle and Apapa, it was deemed necessary to establish a more local outreach. The Moderator at the time, Rev. Dr. Alexander Johnstone, was successful in negotiating the use of the Ajeromi Court Hall as a place of worship. Elders from the Yaba Church were rotated to lead the Apapa congregation, with Rev. Dr. Hall serving as Minister in Charge. Membership grew until the Nigeria/Biafra civil war broke out in 1967. After the civil war membership began to grow again.

In 1972, the Apapa congregation moved from the Ajeromi Court Hall to Oregie Cinema Hall as its new place of worship. On the 18th February, 1973, the Lagos Presbyterian Church Yaba appointed a provisional Session to take charge of the Apapa congregation with Rev. R. D. Wilson as the Moderator along with Elders E. E. Effiok, N. O. Nwoke (Clerk), G. H. Bassey and S. M. Cobham as the members of the provisional Session. On March 4, 1974, the following members from the Apapa congregation were ordained and admitted as ruling Elders of the Church; Mr. Sunday O. Chukwu, Mr. Zacheaus E. Nchege, Mr. Edem Archibong, Mrs. Eke U. Etigwe and Mrs. J. E. Bassey.

As follow up, the Lagos Presbytery granted the Apapa congregation a parish status in March 1974, and a formal inauguration service to that effect took place on June 9, 1974, in which Rev. A. O. Okore was ordained and inducted as the parish's first Resident Minister, bringing the provisional session to an end. Because of the growing membership, the Oregie Cinema Hall became unsuitable as a place of worship, and the acquisition of a permanent place of worship became a challenge. Elder Mrs. Etigwe and Mr. O. E. Odum located the present site at Arowoiyabuna Street, Olodi Apapa and established contact with the land owners who sold approximately 100ft by 150ft to the Church in December 23, 1974. Despite the challenges of the water-logged area, members built a wooden structure that was finished on May 25, 1977 and dedicated on May 5, 1979. The land was finally reclaimed in 1981with the help of Elder U. E. U. Asanga.

The following have been ordained ruling elders of the church since its inauguration:
1974: Mr. Sunday O. Chukwu, Mr. Zacheaus E. Nchege, Mr. Edem Archibong, Mrs. Eke U. Etigwe and Mrs. J. E. Bassey.

1976: Mr A. U. Arua, Mr. Esin, Mr. E. Ekpo and Mrs. Ogbonnaya.

1980: Mr A. E. Chukwu, Mrs A. O. Bassey, Mr. Eke Obuba and Mr. Peter Fombad.

1983: Engr. E. U. Asaga, Mr. G. A. Orji, Mrs. Nnenna Mbadiwe, Mr. K. O. Obaji, Mrs. Nnate I. Nwoke and Mr. D. A. Agwu.

1989: Mr. George Ogbonnaya, Mr. Isak Nkereuwen, Mr. O. I. Ojo and Mrs. N. Archibong.

1995: Mr Obasi Kalu, Mrs Cordelia Ogbonnaya.

1999: Dr. C. E. Onugu, Mr. Etigwe Uwa, Mr. Richard Ezeoke, Mr. Anthony Jireh, Mrs. Grace Orji, Mr. Archibong, Mrs. Comfort Ogbonnaya and Mr. Simeon Okeke.

2004: Mr. J. O. Etta, Mr. Tony U. Nnechi, Mrs. Uzoaku Williams, Mr. J. B. Nonyelu, Mrs. Thelma Etigwe Uwa, Mr. Chinny Uche Kalu, Mrs. Ifeanyi Nonyelu, Mrs. Uchechi Eke, Mr. Ezichi Kalu and Mrs. Nkechi Nnechi.

2015: Mrs. Cecilia Obasi, Mrs. Uloma Kanu, Mr. Acha U. Kalu, Mr. Uche O. Uche, Mr. Caleb Ajike, Mr. Eyet O. Eyet, Mrs. Beatrice Abraham, Mrs. Sarah Nduka, Mrs. Ndidi Okoko.

Elder Mrs. E. E. Etigwe was honoured with gifts for being the longest serving elder.

The following have served the parish as ministers since its inauguration.
Rev. R. D. Wilson: 1973-1975
Rev. A. O. Okore: 1975-1978
Eminence Dr. Udoh Ekpenyong: 1978-1984
Rev. O. O. Ndu: 1984-1988
Rev. E. Ikpana: 1988-1992
Rev. E. N. Akpanika: 1992-1996
Rev. Christian Jireh: 1996-2000
Rev. A. E. Chukwu: 2000-2001
Rev. Dr. O. O. Eke: 2001-2004
Rev N. N. Eke: 2004-2008
Rev. J. B. Eton: 2008-2010
Rev. Ukpai Kalu: 2010-2012
Rev. Abraham Kalu: 2012-2017
Rev. Dr. K. K. Uche: 2017 - 2021
Rev Osondu Ukpai: 2021- Date.

During the tenure of the Rev. Okeke O. Ndu, who was inducted on November 16, 1986, the foundation of the community Hall was laid in February 11, 1986, and was was completed and dedicated by the Rev. Eyo Ikpana on March 8, 1992.

The foundation of the modern auditorium was laid during the tenure of the Rev. E. N. Akpanika and relaid (the first was discovered to be weak) during the tenure of Rev. Mrs. Christian Jireh, who took charge of the parish from September 1, 1996. During the tenure of the Rev. A. E. Chuku (of blessed memory) in 1999, the Church purchased the adjacent plot of land to extend her territory. The modern auditorium and sanctuary was dedicated to the glory of God by Moderator of the General Assembly the Rt. Rev. Ubon Bassey Usung on the 11th day of April 2010 with the Rev. Joseph Bassey Eton as Minister in Charge.

The parish is presently constituted by a kirk session made up of Rt. Rev. Dr. Osondu Ukpai (Minister in charge), Rev. Nnanna Inyama, (Associate Minister), Rev. Dr. Uzoaku Williams (Tent maker), Elder G. A. Orji, Elder (Mrs.) G. Orji, Elder (Mrs.) Comfort O. Agwu, Elder Dr. C. E. Onugu, Elder Richard Ezeoke, Elder Caleb Ajike, Elder (Mrs.) Ndidi Okoko, Elder E. O. Eyet, Elder (Mrs.) Cecilia Obasi, Elder A. U. Kalu, Elder Uche O. Uche, Elder (Mrs.) Uloma Kanu and Elder (Mrs.) Sarah Nduka.

Many people have sacrificed and contributed to the church's spiritual, numerical, and physical growth over its 49-year history as a parish. Such people will always be remembered by the church.

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